A Few PHP bits
Various   Explanations
Forms Creating forms to be emailed to the owner and the sender Yes
Forms Online forms sent as email now capable of adding attachments No
Basic Password Protection Protect a page Yes
Automatic Table Colours Alternating rows different colours - Insert a row and the table automatically resets to maintain alternating coloured rows. Yes
Change Table Colours Change the look of a table by changing cell background colours with a couple of clicks No
Hex URL decoder Decipher this http://%77%77%77%2e%77%69%67%68%74%69%6e%64e%78%2e%63%6f%6d
Decimal URL decoder Decipher this http://3510897942
Domain Name lookup Enter an IP address and find the Domain Name (Links to the ARIN system)
IP Address lookup Enter a Domain Name and find the IP address

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