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Web sites remain the property of Island Graphic Art (henceforth IGA) until paid for in full.
IGA reserves the right to remove web sites of customers who are in default of payments.

All invoices must be paid within thirty days of their receipt.
IGA reserve the right to charge cumulative interest at 5% per 30 day period on outstanding amounts.

Any work carried out after initial instructions have been received and a quote given,
will be charged at the hourly rate applicable at the time.

Clients may not use our services to send out multiple unsolicited e-mails.
Email campaigns generated from an opt-in list can only be conducted using the special email services
available on our servers.
Any client caught spamming will have their web site removed immediately.

Domain names are registered for two years paid in advance.
Client domains registered in the name of IGA will be treated as per the wishes of the client.
Such domains are renewed by IGA in advance of expiration dates.
Clients can transfer away domain names at any time but a charge will be made, depending upon the Registration Agent's fees.

Clients may not have pornographic or racially or religiously offensive material on their web sites.
Clients may not break any laws in the United Kingdom, or in the country in which they are based, on our servers.

Web site content must be original.
Copyrighted images, music, video, software or text must not be reproduced without the owner's permission.

IGA accepts no responsibility whatsoever for damage of any sort done to individuals, organisations,
clubs, bodies or companies through use of its web services.

No proportion of server functionality (uptime) is guaranteed.

In the event of any dispute which cannot be resolved between IGA and the client, UK law prevails.

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